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Reduce my fees

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We are committed to providing members with competitive interest rates, personalised service and a fair fee structure which is based on mutual support.

There are some very simple ways of reducing potential fees.

  • Using the Endeavour Mutual Bank mobile App is completely free. It allows you to perform most transactions 24/7 and a great way to save time and money.
  • Use EFTPOS to get two transactions for the price of one. Take some extra cash out when you are paying by EFTPOS. This way you can reduce your fees by taking advantage of two transactions for the price of one.
  • Reduce ATM fees by making larger withdrawals. If you need to make a withdrawal from an ATM, make larger than needed withdrawals rather than multiple small withdrawals. This will help reduce your ATM fees.
  • Although Endeavour Mutual Bank doesn't charge ATM fees, there are still some ATM's that direct charge. Avoiding these ATM's is another way to save
  • Make the most of fee free transactions. Whenever you make a purchase at a merchant or pay your bills, select the ‘Credit’ option when using your VISA debit card. This type of transaction is always a FREE transaction. You can also pay your bills via BPAY which is a free transaction.
  • Avoid dishonour, overdrawn and over limit fees with our alerts system. Avoid dishonour, overdrawn and over limit fees on your account by setting up SMS reminders via our alerts system. These will help you keep track of your account balances and transactions so you can prevent a direct debit from dishonouring, or prevent your account from being overdrawn or over limit. Find out what alerts are available.
  • Use your credit card to save on transaction fees. Instead of using cash or EFTPOS to make purchases, use your VISA Credit Card and utilise the 55 day interest free period. Credit transactions are free which means you save on transaction fees and provided you pay it off in full at the end of 55 day period, you will avoid paying interest and use just one of your free transactions.
  • Utilising us more for all of your banking needs. Bringing more of your business to us will ensure that you receive a higher Loyalty Fee Rebate. The more business you have with us, the more rebate you will receive, which will help you to minimise or even avoid paying fees and charges altogether.

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