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Buy a car

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If you've got your eye on a new or used car, why miss out? For  over 60 years, we has been helping our members finance that special purchase. We have a simple and straightforward loans process that offers fast pre approval that allows you to confidently go shopping for your car.


Buying a car is usually the second largest asset purchase alongside a property and it’s a financial decision that you need to get right!

If you’re thinking of buying a new set of wheels, you will likely need a car loan, to fund all, or a portion of the amount. The best time to consider your car finance is now — before you walk into a car yard. Having your finance sorted before you step into a car yard could give you better bargaining power than if you wait until you’ve found the car you want. When you get pre-approval for a car loan, you are essentially paying the dealer with ‘cash’ allowing you to negotiate the best price in the car yard.

Applying for a car loan with us is fast and easy. We have a number of different car loan product available depending on the age of the vehicle, however all products come with the following basic features:

  • No Account keeping fee
  • No ongoing fees
  • No redraw fee
  • No early payout fee

Talk to us today! Contact us on 1300 13 14 20 or email us today at, we are here to help!

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  How do I apply?

There are a number of ways you can apply:

  What documents do we require?

We will be able to give you a pre-approval as soon as have completed the loan application, however there will be supporting documents required such as your last 2 pay slips. The lending specialist will advise you if there are any other documents required in order to obtain a full approval: