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a rose by any other name would smell as sweet

"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet" - Shakespear.

While it’s true that if roses were named something else, they would still smell as good, the name ‘rose’ has become significant in its own right. By association it is linked to sweet botanical fragrance, romance and for many of us drums up our own memories relating to gardens, our Nanna or perfume.

Our own names become significant as soon as they become official. Forever more our name will play an important part in our life once the birth certificate is signed. Some of us chose to change our name later in life, perhaps just the surname after becoming married, others deem their whole name no longer fits their persona, or perhaps it never felt quite right and they have their name changed by deed poll, such is their right.

Likewise a company, business or organisation might change its name over the course of its life, (sometimes more than once) perhaps to reflect a change in ownership or a new partnership, other times simply because it’s time to modernise or refresh a brand.

Change is often met with resistance. Humans are creatures of habit and we like things to be familiar and predictable. But sometimes change is inevitable, and preparing for change and understanding why change has to happen can help us to embrace it when the time comes.

Sometimes a name is simply a name, the business will continue to operate the same essentially, things remaining ‘business as usual’, other times a new name means something more.

As a member of Select Encompass Credit Union the decision whether or not to become a mutual bank is in your hands. And it’s all in the name.

Changing our name will mean some changes for the organisation and for you, its valued members. We believe those changes will benefit our members and our organisation, (and much of what you love will stay the same), but the change cannot happen without your support.

If you want to have your say or just understand why the change has been proposed, please read over this easy to read document and lend your support to the proposed change if you feel called to. We truly hope you do.

To find out more read our proposal.