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Project IQ & Other FAQs

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It’s here that you’ll find the latest FAQs on our technology project and any of our other initiatives to help us build a better future for our customers. We hope you find this FAQ section helpful.


More on Building a Better Future

  What do we want to achieve?
Our focus is a long term view of 'building a better future for our customers' and we have many projects and initiatives underway to help us achieve this over the next 12 months and beyond.
  What does a better future look like?
  • We’re making banking easier to provide you more services, tools and functionality available online, 24/7
  • Streamlined application forms to save you time and effort in applying for our products and services
  • New tools and calculators to help you better track and manage your money
  • The ability to take more control of your accounts, with improved ways to contact us if you need advice or help
  • New technology to provide additional layers of security on your accounts
  • New lending products to provide you more flexibility with a range of options as your needs or circumstances change
  What information can I expect to receive this year?
We want to ensure you have all the information you need to keep you updated on our technology project or any of our other initiatives coming up over the next 12 months (and beyond).

As we prepare to transition to our new core banking system later this year you’ll also be receiving more information on any changes that may affect you. This format is likely to be a letter or email advising of any changes that relate to your membership or accounts. In addition you can expect to receive notice when we have new FAQs, videos and ‘how to’ guides available on this minisite, to provide you more detail on what to expect, what’s new, etc.

This transition is going to be a huge undertaking so we’d love your support and patience as we prepare for the move.


More on our Technology Project

  When will all the new technology be launching?
Our transition to our new core banking system and release of our next generation Online Banking and Mobile Banking app will be available in the fourth quarter of this year. We’ll provide more information on our launch date over the next few months as the build progresses.
  Why do we need to change our core banking system?
Technology and banking services are continually changing, so this important investment will ensure we can level the playing field with the major banks and remain relevant to all our customers banking and technology needs – now and in the future. Our new banking provider is a world class leader in technology implementation so we’re looking forward to building on the foundation we’re building to bring our customers ongoing functionality releases post launch.


Online Banking

  What will be new?
We’re looking forward to delivering you a new Online Banking experience to make banking easier, simpler and enable you to do more online.
Some of the new functionality and benefits include;
  • Ability to change your PIN online, order and activate a new card and put a card on hold
  • Application forms that are smarter and more intuitive enabling us to use the information you’ve already provided us to reduce time and paperwork
  • Personal finance management tools like our set a savings goal tool, budget tool and spend tracker to help keep track of your finances and better manage your money
  • Ability to better track your Qantas Points earned at Qudos across all products with a month by month breakdown
  • Action more on accounts, for example on your home loan you’ll be able to action a product switch, request a top up, change repayments and request a payout quote and property discharge – all within your Online Banking
  • The introduction of webchat to provide faster service, solving your questions faster to help you get on with your banking

Mobile Banking App

  What will be new?
  • Speed of opening and logging on
  • Ability to open an instant savings account with a card attached, all within the app
  • Option to ‘get the ball rolling’ on a credit card or home loan application with personalised call back option
  • Improved application forms for home loans and credit cards, with more options for interacting with lending specialists
  • Fingerprint recognition as a secure option to access the app
  • Ability to change your cards' PIN within the app, order and activate a new card (with a card scanning option) or put your card on hold
  • Add and pay new billers and payees with an additional security check
  • View your Secure Mail and conversations within the app
  Will there be any new upgrades to the current app prior to the new app?

As much as we would like to continue improving the current Mobile Banking app, we’re focusing all our attention on the new app knowing that any time and investment spent altering the current app will only serve for a short period before we launch the new.

In the interim, customers can continue to use our current app or use our mobile banking site by logging into Online Banking from your device – providing you full access to all your banking tools and functionality.